Surviving Digital Disruption – Practical Steps That Your Organization Can Take

Digital technologies are having a profound effect on practically every business. Certain industries like communications, media, finance and insurance, and wholesale trade have been quick to adopt digitalization, making use of new tools and approaches in a short amount of time. The impact on other sectors, notably government, health care, construction, and agriculture has been comparably less. Some units within these areas are at the forefront of digital change while others are clearly lagging.

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Lean Startup – Making New Ventures Less Risky

The traditional decades-old model for evaluating a new business proposal involved understanding the new product, estimating production costs and demand, and then, developing it and taking it to market. The process usually required the startup team to make a presentation to potential investors. Venture capital firms would look at five-year projections of sales and costs of the product and decide whether the proposal was worth financing.

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How to Digitalize Your Employer Branding

No one wants to be left behind when it comes to digitalization, especially as we continue to notice world class peers embrace emerging trends to gain competitive advantage. In a survey that involved more than 400 human capital leaders, 78% held the view that digitalization of HR will continue to influence organizations in a big way. Another 79% believe that the adoption of technology has enhanced the attraction, engagement and retention of talent. And given that virtually all goods and services are currently being marketed through websites and social media platforms, there is every reason to digitalize various strategies for employer branding.

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The Challenges of Creating a Digital Workplace

The need to remain relevant and competitive in the fast paced workplace has seen many organizations digitalize their systems and processes, complementing their established sales channels with multichannel experiences and transacting, shopping or engaging via the web. Thanks to mobile and cloud technologies, a wave of disruption has therefore engulfed businesses across industries, and with no one willing to take the risk of falling behind, this comes with a host of challenges when trying to create a digital workplace.

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Here’s How Digitalization Is Changing Commodity Trading

For more than a decade now, new and powerful digital approaches to commodity trading as well as life, in general, have come to the fore. The world is entering into an even more rapid period of digital change. Three powerful forces are driving this phenomenon to an inflection point: consumer demand, prospects of huge benefits, and the push for new technologies. To achieve growth, beat the competition, and for companies to remain relevant in a digital world; CEOs and managers will have to take the lead in building the right digital capabilities for their companies.

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Back to Basics – Why Having a Clear Mission, Vision, and Values Is Important for Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

What if your employees were asked what their mission, vision, values and corporate social responsibility are; would they be able to accurately articulate these important principles of your organization?

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What Kind of Employer Value Proposition Is Required for Millennials

Did you know that come the year 2020, over 50% of your workforce will be comprised of millennials? Currently, millennials (aged between 18-34 years) make up for the largest generation (80 million) in the United States. There is a need for HR managers to rethink their employer value propositions in terms of strategies, practices, and programs especially when it comes to aligning themselves with the reality of working with millennials in the not so far future.

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6 Things You Need to Do on Google in Order to Improve Your SEO

Your website is up and running but you need traffic and I mean the right traffic. Whether it is B2B marketing or B2C marketing, traffic is the essence of a website… that is if you are expecting a higher return-on-investment (ROI).

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Digitalization of Procurement in the Chemical Industry

Our individual lives have gone digital; one wonders how anyone can survive without a mobile phone and the internet, e-commerce, and social media. Digitalization offers unimaginable opportunities for chemical companies and helps solve the most daunting of challenges faced by the procurement departments in the chemical industry.  In Europe alone, for instance, digitalization offers up to 1.25 trillion Euros in opportunities for manufacturing companies and at the same time poses the potential loss of 605 billion Euros in foregone value added costs. It therefore only means that your company could grow with huge margins if digitalization was strategically applied in your organization.

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Corporate Communication – How to Leverage Social Software

While more than 72% of companies use social software in some way within their organization; very few are yet to achieve the full potential of social software, that is, they are largely untapped. Many seek to develop ways to reach consumers, ways to gather insights and leads for marketing, customer service, and product development; yet the use of social technologies in enhancing knowledge sharing, communication, and collaboration within and across enterprises could offer more than twice as much potential. 

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