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5 Ways to Optimize your Customer Service Strategy through Social Media

Hannah Tyler
19 February 2018

How did we live without social customer service? Once upon a time commenting was a TV thing. Like buttons and hashtags were an alien thing. Following was a physical thing. And linking through an instant messaging platform was not a thing at all.

In fact, downright daunting can’t even begin to explain how trying to reach out to some customer service reps felt. Apart from toll-free numbers, which usually took forever and a day to connect, slow mail was the fastest way to get a response. It took days.

And days later, what you’d get would be in the lines of, “Dear Jason, we are sending this to let you know we have received your message. We will get back to you soonest possible.”

After days and that’s what you get!

And you’d wait some more before figuring out some other crude way to help yourself out.

Today’s cluster of social media platforms has revolutionized customer service. In fact, about 22% of e-commerce professionals and marketers rank optimizing the customer experience through social media as the first priority in their 2017 online marketing strategy. This is according to a global study finding by Econsultancy and Adobe comprising of 14,000 e-commerce professionals and marketers.

In another past year's study, 25% of top marketers had positioned social media engagement as a top three marketing strategy to augment their customer service.  

Clearly, there’s need to know how to optimize customer service through social media channels.

Here are some of the best ways to provide stellar online customer experiences using the power of social media.  

Create visual content. Video is King.

If a photo is worth a thousand words, then a short, punchy video is worth ten thousand. Video is king when it comes to visual content marketing, according to multiple studies.

We are visual beings, and nothing says visual quite like video. Video is more effective than photos as far as engagement goes. And businesses that want to explain, describe, promote, and elaborate can benefit immensely from posting DIY clips, GIFs, and other short motion pictures.

However, short is better. Most Americans, for instance, are smartphone-only internet browsers, meaning they access the web primarily from mobile internet and long, beefy videos are not ideal.

Say it with a Photo

Photos are not only visually attractive but are also reassuring. The customer needs to know that they are getting what they are looking for, so also ensure you caption the photos most appropriately.  

To starve your social media pages with few photos can cost you a thousand customers. On the flip side, loading well-thought out, and high-quality photos can help you say a thousand words and engage a thousand customers without saying anything at all.

The idea is to make the experience as real as possible. So if you can provide pictures of your products, etc. in good size, complete with an ability to zoom in and out, you’d be doing you and your customers a big favor.

The more clarity they can reach by observing the photography, the less text, time, inquiries and complaints both of you will have to deal with in the FAQs section.

Reply directly

The easiest way to blow up a social media storm is to ignore customers’ commentary.

The very nature of social media communication is fast. The best way to optimize your customer service is to get back as soon as possible.

Also, the last thing a customer needs after contacting you through social media is to have to wait for a reply through email.

Provide a Multi-Channel Approach

More than half of the world population is on social media, and actively so. There are dozens of popular social media channels, such as Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, among others, to suit the diverse and dynamic tastes of the huge user base. Each customer is unique and will want to approach your firm through their preferred channel.   

An ideal multi-channel customer experience will involve accommodating as many channels as possible.    

Say Less, Do More

Today’s customer has a dwindling attention span.

Keep this in mind when you post online. Whether it’s a blog post, tweet or product profiling video, remember to keep it short, sweet and impactful. The idea is to make a short presentation that is both informative and one that leaves the customer asking for more. The purpose is to do more when they reach out to you. After all, they’ll only follow up if they are interested – the perfect targeted marketing approach.  

Bottom Line

Providing a seamless customer service will go a long way in ensuring that your brand stands out and as a result – an improved return on investment (ROI). Social media has it all, and by following the above 5 steps, you will be able to achieve your long-term marketing goals.

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