Attract the Right Talent and Build an A-Star Team

Jiaxin Liu
7 February 2019

In today’s complex and competitive talent market, organizations have difficulties to find the desired talent, especially talent with the skills required in the digital age. To put this into perspective, statistics show that:

  1. 72.8% of employers are struggling to find relevant candidates.
  2. 86% of the most qualified candidates are already employed and not actively seeking a new job.
  3. Most recruiters feel the talent market is candidate-driven. 20.8% of recruiters find it difficult to deal with candidate demands.

What specific tactics can organizations use to overcome these difficulties? How can they ensure that they attract the right talent and build an A-Star team?

Start with the Employer Brand

Most job seekers (75%) consider an employer brand before applying for a job in the organization. Employers brand describes the values a company gives to its employees and shows people why the company is a great place to work. It makes it possible for a company to tell its story by, for instance, showing videos relevant to job roles posted or sharing stories from current employees about their own experiences. This engages potential talent, and enables them to gain an understanding of the purpose, vision and culture of the company. 

Organizations can optimize their employer brand by communicating clearly in a way that encourages potential talent to think more about how they want their career to pan out, what the organization can offer them and whether they will be a good fit for each other. Ultimately, this strategy ensures that organizations attract and hire the right talent. For instance, on its graduate recruitment site, Deutsche Telekom communicates this message to candidates “If you think that challenging the status quo is beyond our scope, don’t apply.”

According to Imke Kohaupt, who works on Deutsche Telekom’s global employer branding program, “our business is global and therefore we need a global employer value proposition (EVP) and a global employer branding strategy. Without the ability to project our brand and appeal to candidates across borders we’ll no longer be able to attract the tech specialists and other key talent we need.”

Leverage Social Media Channels

Social media channels can open up new paths of engagement and reinvent the way recruiters interact with candidates. Studies show social media platforms such as LinkedIn have become a key resource for professional networking, with 85% of candidates holding membership of LinkedIn. Numbers from a survey by CareerBuilder indicated 70% of organizations now include social media in their hiring strategies.

Social media is a powerful tool when it comes to attracting and engaging talent:

  1. Social media platforms help organisations not only source for active candidates, but also extend their reach to passive candidates.
  2. Social channels provide a means for recruiters to screen potential recruits; in fact, research suggests that 64% of employers say they have viewed a job seeker’s professional social network profile at some point to get more information.
  3. Statistics show that 67% of candidates check out a company’s social media profile.  Social media allows organizations to easily present their company to potential candidates.
  4. Current employees can post job vacancies on their respective social media profiles which can help improve the referral program of the company.

A case in point is Singapore’s Changi Airport, which was recently voted Skytrax World’s Best Airport for the sixth consecutive year. Changi Airport Group (CAG), utilizes social media perfectly when it comes to engaging and attracting top talents. According to Justina Tan, CAG’s Managing Director, the company is always looking for fresh ways to make new connections. A key priority is reaching out to millennials through the development of digital platforms. For instance, CAG has been steadily building up its LinkedIn presence – the company doesn’t just use it to raise awareness of job opportunities, but also to tell its stories. Recently, the company hosted some of its LinkedIn ‘followers’ – people interested in the company’s work, but not necessarily looking for a job – on an office tour. Through the session, they got to know more about CAG’s business and also had the chance to hear from some of the colleagues working in various divisions, who shared stories about their work-life and experiences at CAG.

This can be a great way for enterprises to strengthen their professional networks, encourage followers to explore opportunities within their organizations, and have them share positively about their brands to their social circles.

Closing Thoughts

The business landscape is fast evolving and, as a result, success will be determined by the kind of talent that organizations bring on board. Therefore, enterprises need to make sure they have the right strategies in place that will ensure they attract the right talent and build an A-Star team.   

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Driving Talent Strategy In Today’s Digital Age

Driving Talent Strategy In Today’s Digital Age

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