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Jiaxin Liu
4 February 2019

When it comes to digitalization, we often talk about paperless, systems, automation and process optimization. In recent years, however, there is increasing acknowledgement of the importance of human factors within digital transformation. Companies have also begun to lay emphasis on culture and employee experience. Many companies now understand the need for a digital culture that is more iterate, adaptive and innovative. Organisations are especially exploring ways to modernize the employee experience and engagement. They are increasingly realizing that while technology is the catalyst, the most successful transformations rely ultimately on people.

Gartner's 2019 HR Executive Priorities Report shows that the top 3 HR key initiatives for 2019 are:

  1. building critical skills and competencies for the organization
  2. developing high potential employees, succession management and leadership development
  3. employee experience

Many companies have used the opportunity of digital transformation to leverage new technologies that transform their customer experience. They already empathize with the spoken and unspoken needs of their customers and improve the customer experience through digitalization. Employees now expect that same digital experience in the workplace that they are used to as customers. Therefore, in order to engage employees and take business to the next level, it is essential to create ultimate employee experiences as part of the HR Transformation journey.

No matter whether your company is moving entire HR Information Systems into cloud or simply optimizing its onboarding processes, start listening to what your employees need and empathize with what they value most. Then look for solutions to meet their demand. If transformation brings real value to the employees, they will be more willing to adopt the new tools and facilitate the change. High potential employees also desire more opportunities to learn and grow. Helping those employees develop skills and uniting them in support of digital transformation will empower them and turn them into capable allies in the transformation and innovation efforts. They will then feel engaged and empowered to achieve their goals at work and generally solve challenges in the digital age. They will truly drive the transformation and make magic happen. In our webinar, we outline how to tackle the challenges of HR from the employee perspective, and offer solutions that will help you transform your HR processes in ways that will delight and motivate your employees. 

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