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Angeline Rast
11 October 2019

The relevance of social networks today is undisputed. According to current data, 2.4 billion people are now registered on Facebook – a market with incredible potential. Many companies have taken advantage of this reach and showcase their products and services on so-called business pages. A company like Nike can quickly collect up to 33 million subscribers thanks to their impressive brand awareness reputation. Small and medium-sized companies can also use the tactics of social media marketing for themselves. While a Facebook business page can be quickly created, what happens thereafter?

More reach with Facebook advertising

Anyone who already uses Facebook Business Manager knows the many targeting options. By placing targeted ads, you can reach an audience of millions and win new followers, leads and ultimately new customers. Here, options like Custom Audience, Core Audience, and Lookalike Audience can be used to reach the desired target group.

  • Core audience: Here you can determine a new target group according to demographic factors such as age, gender, place of residence and occupation. With the "Detailed Targeting" option, you can specifically include and exclude certain characteristics of your target person. Only those users who meet these requirements will see your ad.

  • Custom Audience: This option allows you to reach existing customers on Facebook with your ads. Implementing the Facebook pixel on your website captures consumer interactions with your brand. This means that custom audiences already know your brand and you can design your ads accordingly and adapt them to the respective phase of the purchase process. However, always ensure compliance with the GDPR when implementing your marketing measures.

  • Lookalike Audience: This option is ideal for opening up new markets. It selects the characteristics of your best customers and Facebook suggests a similar audience and markets. You can also use this option to grow your company internationally.

Instagram for Businesses

More and more companies can now also be found on Instagram. Facebook bought the photo platform in 2012 for a billion dollarsThe focus here is on images and videos that can be shared in the feed or shown in Instagram Stories either just with friends or with the whole world. Many consumers search the platform for brands and products during the buying process instead of looking at the associated company websites.

According to Instagram, 80% of users follow at least one company, which means that the market here is huge, especially among the target group of under 30s. Companies can design their personal feed according to the principle of an online shop; there are various promotional offers and through links, users can eventually be sent to the website to make their purchase. Advertising that has been posted on Facebook can also be transferred directly to Instagram.

Nowadays, consumers want to build a relationship with a brand. This applies not only to the B2C sector, but also to the B2B sector. Using Instagram helps you interact with your customers in real time, get feedback and build a positive brand image and an individual relationship with your customers. Instagram can also be a great help with employer branding and can involve all employees in content creation. By using Instagram Stories, you not only have another chance to present your products, but you also have the opportunity to give your customers a special insight into your corporate culture, which ultimately also strengthens your brand image.

High-quality content, the key to success

The most important point for success in social media is the creation of unique content that is relevant to your target group and stands out from the crowd. There are several ways to reach new and existing customers on the different channels. Think about what your target person expects from you, what your content should aim at and why your content is of particular interest to them.

There are a lot of useful and free apps that can help you create unique images, graphics, and videos. According to current statistics, the largest reach is generated with the help of videos; by 2020, 80% of all content should consist of them. With programs like Legend and AdobeSpark, you can animate your text and images and cut them into a video.

A final note: People usually have a low attention span and scroll through the feeds of the respective networks extremely quickly. This means that your content needs to catch your target person's eye long enough to pause for a moment and, hopefully, click on your ad.


Social networks are the website of the future and one should not underestimate the relevance and opportunities offered by Facebook, Instagram and the like. To be successful, brands have to be where their consumers are. Facebook Business Manager offers great ways to increase your reach by serving targeted ads. However, don't expect everything to work perfectly right away. It takes time and patience to develop and implement the right concept, as well as a little creativity to stand out from the crowd. But as the saying goes, if you don't dare, you won't win.

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