How to Fix the Bad Conversion Rate of Your Webshop

Angeline Rast
28 March 2019

The low business volumes registered by a webshop could be the result of your website attracting the wrong sort of visitor. This usually happens when a company’s marketing strategy is inappropriate and is attracts individuals who would never become paying customers.

A bad conversion rate could also be caused by one of several other factors.

What are you offering the customer?

Many websites offer a free trial period or a discount to entice consumers to buy. While this strategy definitely has its merits, it often doesn’t work. A customer may simply use your product for the period when it does not cost anything and subsequently stop utilizing it. If you offer an unlimited free trial period, you may never close the sale.

A discount could also fail to do the trick. It may be too small to be of any value to the client. You may also be faced with a situation where your competitor offers a larger discount.

A better approach could be to try and discover what your customers really want. In many instances, clients do not consider a discount to be important. If the product is of value to them, they would be willing to pay the price that you ask for. What they may be looking for is an understanding of how your product will solve their problem. Or what are the benefits that it offers.

Reducing your selling price can be the easiest step to take, but it can be totally ineffective if you misread your customer’s requirements.

Importance of A/B testing

Wouldn’t you like to know which format of landing page would result in better conversions? Or whether changing the position of your “buy” button would give you increased sales?

If you use A/B testing effectively, you can get answers to these questions. This technique, which is also known as split testing, is an invaluable tool to help you discover what works and what does not.

Which headline attracts more customers? Use version A for a week and version B for the next. You will have hard data that will tell you about the efficacy of the different versions of your headline. In fact, using this technique intelligently can result in a marked improvement in your conversion rate.

A word of caution about using A/B testing. It is possible to run more than one test at the same time. However, you need to be careful about how you interpret the results.

A/B testing can be used to check the effectiveness of your landing page, your email campaigns, and even the impact that your pay-per-click advertising expenditure has.

How easy is it to buy from your webshop?

Does your website test a buyer’s patience by asking for forms to be filled and detailed information to be provided? If you follow a practice of collecting extensive data about your buyers before allowing them to transact, it is likely that you will lose many customers.

Some websites require visitors to register themselves before they are allowed to buy. It is important to give a consumer an option. There would be instances when an individual does not want you to use the contact information that is provided for making a purchase. By insisting that you would have the right to send offers and other material to the buyer’s email address in the future, you could be jeopardizing your current sale.

Make your purchasing process as simple as possible. The buyer should be required to provide only the minimum amount of information. Consider offering free shipping if it is feasible in the industry which you operate in.

Don’t rush the sale

A bad conversion rate can also be the result of over-eagerness on your part to close the sale. Trying to bulldoze a customer into making a purchase very early in the relationship can be counterproductive.

A better approach would be to first establish a degree of trust with the consumer. You can do this by giving something of value before even asking for the customer’s business. Getting an order will become much easier when the client has developed some faith in your firm.

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