INBOUND 2018 – Innovation On All Levels

Laura Naxera
4 October 2018

The marketing world never stands still. Customer behavior is constantly changing and so are marketing methods and techniques. Every year, marketing enthusiasts and industry experts from around the world come together at HubSpot's INBOUND conference to learn, be inspired and grow together, both on a business and personal level.

This year, over 24,000 people attended the event in Boston, all of whom gained new knowledge and networked in over 330 offered sessions. NOVELDO was there and we would now like to share some of the most important information that we were exposed to.

Using momentum for new leads and customer retention

For years, the inbound methodology was determined by the model of the funnel. This has now changed. The co-founder of HubSpot, Brian Halligan, introduced a new model with a flywheel during his keynote speech. While the funnel can help enormously with the generation of profits, Halligan believes that the dynamics are lost towards the end. In a flywheel, the force is retained and uses the momentum to continue turning.

In the funnel model, all forces are used to win new customers. With the flywheel, the power is also used to keep existing customers enthusiastic and happy. A larger number of satisfied customers ultimately produce a heavier wheel, so turning generates more power, which in turn affects all areas. When implementing, make sure you start with the area that has the greatest impact and the greatest growth potential as it will give you more momentum.

Do you inspire your audience with video content?

The growing presence of videos in the online world is obvious. On all platforms, they play an increasingly important role and also affect marketing and sales. On average, people spend a third of their time online watching videos. Halligan spoke about the enormous importance of the format: "50% of your content next year should not consist of text, but of video". But why are videos so important?

Videos transport more emotion than written texts. They attract attention and are an effective way to communicate with their customers. Current statistics show that 85% of consumers want to see more videos of companies. However, there is often a lack of implementation. Many marketers see it as a challenge to switch to a new format because they do not know how to implement it most effectively. Start by setting a budget and a goal and by creating content that effectively appeals to your target audience. A little creativity is always an advantage. 

HubSpot also introduced a new product in Boston that opens up many innovative ways to target videos on your website. The platform, Vidyard, makes it possible to place embedded CTAs and forms in videos. HubSpot opens up a whole new kind of customer experience and a revolutionary way to generate leads.

Inspiration on a personal level

INBOUND is about inspiration on all levels, which is why HubSpot also used the event to point out important issues facing our world today.

Clean drinking water is a privilege that few people are aware of. Approximately 663 million people in the world have to live without clean drinking water. Some families spend several hours a day searching for water. Clean water is not only essential for a person's health, but also for the income of the affected adults and the education of children.

The project "Charity: Water" was presented by its founder, Scott Harrison, in his keynote speech. Each donation is invested in organizations with many years of experience in building local water projects around the world. It is, therefore, the responsibility of each of us to remedy this imbalance. We were happy to participate in this project and you can do so here.

Bottom line

HubSpot surpassed itself again this year. INBOUND showcased innovation and inspiration at all levels. We have particularly paid attention to the fact that recommendations play an increasingly important role in marketing. It is, therefore, crucial to satisfy customers at every stage of the purchasing process and provide them with content that inspires and helps them.

Happy customers drive the growth of your business. In order to implement innovation in your company, you need a culture that puts the customer first. After all, the worm must taste good to the fish, not the angler.

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