The 5 Most Important B2B Social Media Channels

Angeline Rast
14 June 2019

Instagram, Snapchat, Pinterest, Tumblr, Whatsapp… social networks are clearly booming, and the more there are, the more important it is to make sure your business is well represented on the proper channels. It doesn’t take much to start using targeted social media activities to reach more potential customers and make your service more attractive. We’d be glad to help you select the most effective B2B social media channels out there. Here are our top 6!

Inbound marketing is based on the idea that the customers come to you, not the other way around. Worldwide social networks are ideal places to realize this goal over the internet. Whether it’s Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram, you have the opportunity to be found, “liked,” and followed. There may still be skeptics out there in the business world, but there are more and more successful stories of businesses boosting their sales from leads found on social media – and that without heavy financial burdens. The abundance of options often seems overwhelming; there are hundreds of more specialized social media channels in amongst the industry giants. That means it’s time to prioritize! 

Here are today’s top 6 social networks and why you should use them:

Facebook – Number 1: From Friend to Customer

Facebook was founded by Mark Zuckerberg, a Harvard student who initially wanted to find a way for fellow students to vote on the looks of his female classmates. Nowadays, there are few who haven’t heard of it: As of end of 2018, there were some 39 million German Facebook users. There are 1.06 billion Facebook “friends” around the world, a massive potential customer base that more and more businesses are reaching out to with their own profiles and posts. Facebook enables you to advertise and demonstrate good customer service practices. The company itself has recognized its potential as a marketing tool for businesses and therefore offers a number of ways to broadcast your news and posts as widely as possible. You can even use your Facebook page as a hotline for live customer support. 

LinkedIn – Position Yourself on the International Professional Stage

What Facebook offers to one’s private life, LinkedIn offers to one’s professional life. With some 500 million members, LinkedIn is the largest network of professional contacts worldwide. Business cards are a thing of the past; today, business contacts connect over LinkedIn and are able to stay in contact much easier. The German-language variant XING is only a partial alternative since most users treat it more as an address book than an active social network. We also recommend LinkedIn for its additional features and its compatibility with other tools. 

Twitter – Lots of Useless Noise and Many Useful Tidbits 

Twitter is for chatter and is accordingly filled with a colorful mix of short messages. Twitter is an attractive option for businesses for the sole reason that it has over 321 million active monthly users. You can quickly and simply announce new products or upcoming events to a wide audience. We’re talking exchanging ideas, active discussion, staying in the loop, rapid sharing of news, and access to the day’s top issues. There’s value in a complete, appealing profile that’s well connected to your website and other online networks! 

Instagram – The World of Photos and Hashtags

The importance of social media for your business is demonstrated by the swift success of Instagram. 80% of its active users are following a business! Photos are the main thing exchanged here. Beginning in 2015, official advertisements also appear as posts in Germany, stirring up sales similar to Facebook, which has owned the photo platform since 2012. These aren’t your typical adverts though. You have much more choice in terms of target group and scope and are able to select a suitable format, either images or short videos. Of course, you must pay attention to the quality of your photos on the premiere visual social media platform. Tag your posts with hashtags so they are more easily found and start building followers. Tell a visual story. Follow other business to build a professional network. Instagram’s scope? In 2019, Instagram has garnered more than 15 million users in Germany — and continues to grow. 

YouTube – Your Google Partner for Videos

Don’t forget about the video channel YouTube, founded in 2005. Here you have the option to feature well-made, interesting videos as well as illustrative instructional and product videos. Or you could host video contests that you promote over other social media channels. More and more businesses are turning to YouTube for its diverse advertising potential; from your own channel to product placement with certain YouTube stars to sponsored adverts that appear in search results lists. Successful examples go far beyond brand giants like CokeTV, Edeka, Otto, or Saturn. Users visit regularly and can even subscribe for alerts about new videos. 

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