Understanding Why Social Media is Key to Your Business

Angeline Rast
27 September 2019

When it comes to social media, many companies are still up in the air – without an online presence, or a social media strategy they tend to conduct business in old-fashioned ways. However, in a contemporary fast-paced business world, social media can be of utter importance – if done right. In this day and age, we know that appealing to specific target groups can increase sales, yet sometimes the use of social media to heighten one’s own brand awareness and connect with customers is declining. What is missing from this social media strategy?  

Recognizing the Potential of Social Networks

Evidently some aren’t able to see the direct consequences of implementing a social media strategy and/or the interrelated opportunities that social networks provide. Above all, customer acquisition benefits from active social media engagement, though benefits certainly follow through to other business objectives. Not only can your company boost its brand awareness and showcase its expertise by producing interesting and relevant content, but your customers will also feel more actively connected and can influence other potential customers with their ratings and reviews. However, most importantly, social media allows you to reach out to a carefully-selected target group, making your message more direct and impactful.

Benefits of Social Media for Service Providers

An effective social media strategy is particularly useful for service providers who can build up their reputation with testimonials and ratings. Here, social media not only offers a space for a virtual presence, but also an opportunity for direct, straightforward interaction with customers. Customers are able to comment on and rate your services directly, and you in turn can initiate discussions on specific topics or offers. It’s not without reason that the number of network users is expected to grow in the coming years. There are currently 2.77 billion social media users worldwide, and studies show that people have the opportunity to recover 65% of the visual content they see almost three days later.

A Need for Rigorous Strategy

In order to achieve the best results, marketing activities should be perfectly interwoven across all channels. Social networks are much more flexible when it comes to shaping your company identity and building trust with customers. For example, you can profile each of your employees in their respective departments so customers can put a face to email address or voice on the phone, making interaction notably more personal. You can also dynamically share your company’s philosophy on sustainable practices, which can positively impact purchase decisions. Your company can be transformed from an anonymous body to a living organism – something that is difficult to achieve with a website alone. However, customers should still be directed back to your company website – a rigorous marketing strategy makes this very possible.

Developing Social Media Marketing Expertise

Similar to other areas of business, a one-time effort, miscommunication between channels, and poor social media marketing implementation costs more than it brings in. Expertise shows us that this is due to a shortcoming of knowledge on how to properly develop and implement a social media marketing strategy. There’s a good fix for that. Acknowledge the importance of this area and allocate appropriate resources, develop expertise with additional training, and start building a targeted social media strategy. We’d be glad to accompany you along the journey with our extensive experience. Get in touch today.

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