What Is an Inbound Marketing Agency and Why Is It the Best

Angeline Rast
16 August 2019

The overall objective of every business is to trade more products or services and increase its profits and value for all shareholders. No matter how good a company product or service is if customers are not aware of it, it is pretty much done; target customers need to be aware of the good offering you have. Find out, how an inbound marketing agency can help you with this and if you need one!

Marketing is the Cornerstone – but Inbound Marketing goes deeper. 

To garner customers attention, a business needs to find them where they are by using high-quality content, targeted and engaging marketing messages, appropriate marketing tools, and guide them through the whole marketing funnel.

The key is that the business has to reach out to people with a specific need. This need has to correspond directly to or is solved by the acquisition and use of the company product or service being offered. This is the backbone of inbound marketing.

Further, almost everyone in business knows that Marketing is the cornerstone of any business – it leads to sales and profits. But Inbound Marketing goes way deeper. It is a comprehensive, data-driven approach to brand awareness, customer attraction and acquisition, and conversion into long-term buyers. Customers come to you as opposed to other (increasingly) less effective traditional marketing methods where marketers take the initiative to establish the first contact.

What is an Inbound Marketing Agency?

An inbound marketing agency is a third-party firm that is hired by another company to help the latter accomplish the following:

  • To capture the interest of a target market using inbound marketing tools and strategies
  • Ease the prospect’s purchasing decision
  • Supply the prospective customers with a precise, low-risk and easy-to-do action

Raising the necessary awareness for your product or service is a multifaceted, omnichannel process that should be laid out clearly in a marketing strategy. It is important to analyze the results to gauge performance and formulate further improvements. The days of simple selling are over. Also, being aggressive on online marketplaces alone will not help win in business as before.

When a business needs help understanding or/and formulating and implementing an optimal marketing strategy, an inbound marketing agency is a place to start. HubSpot analyzed over 300 of its partners and concluded that there exist 6 types of inbound marketing agencies.

Today’s crowded and demanding online marketplaces, stresses the need for having unique ways to break through the clutter and connect with customers to remain on top of the game and ahead of your competition.

How an Inbound Marketing Agency can positively Impact your Bottom line

Hiring an Inbound Marketing Agency can help a business to achieve its marketing objectives while also laying a firm's foundation for future lead generation and inbound marketing best practices.

When seeking the professional help of an Inbound Marketing Agency, it is important to ask a set of questions regarding both the potential marketing firm to work with and one's own business to determine the best fit.

Also, a good Inbound Marketing Agency has characteristics that set it apart from others and which helps identify it.

When to hire an Inbound Marketing Agency for your Business?

Some of the signs to look out for and the main problems that lead B2B firms to consult or hire or outsource the marketing function to a marketing firm include:

  1. When unsure of ROI which can be caused by a lack of expertise or having outdated metrics to measure return on investment from inbound marketing campaigns.
  2. When looking to increase returns/revenue per customer and are unsure how.
  3. When struggling to generate quality leads to nurture through the marketing funnel.
  4. When there is need to supercharge growth and improve customer retention rate.

These are just some of the inbound services offered by an inbound marketing agency. Hiring a good inbound marketing agency could help turn around a declining customer retention rate, low customer base, and declining sales by improving your marketing strategies.    

Feel Like in need of more help?

If you want to know more about what an Inbound Marketing Agency can do for you or in what areas your marketing might be lacking. Feel free to sign up for our free online assessment here.  

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